Research careers at MD Anderson

Research Careers

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Why do so many of the greatest minds in cancer research work at MD Anderson? They’re here because we offer a unique environment that accelerates their ability to end cancer. As part of our team, you’ll work with experts in different research areas, as well as the world’s leading cancer doctors. Bright students and trainees contribute further to our dynamic setting. Our collaborative approach brings precision medicine to the forefront of cancer care and research and allows you to reach your full potential.

World-Class Research

Our researchers’ productivity is impressive. By securing federal funding, publishing in peer-review journals and bringing research into the clinic, our researchers uphold our status as one of the nation’s top comprehensive cancer centers. We’ve secured $198 million in NIH funding and had 3,363 peer-review articles published.

Amiben, Clinical Studies Coordinator
“I have experienced tremendous growth at MD Anderson.”
Hear from Amiben, Clinical Studies Coordinator – MPH
David, Sr. Clinical Studies Coordinator
“Getting to know patients is rewarding. Their resilience inspires me.”
David, Sr. Clinical Studies Coordinator - CCRP
Dzifa, Scientific Project Director
“The research we do can be directly translated into the clinical lab.”
Dzifa, Scientific Project Director – PHD
Rabiul, Sr. Clinical Studies Coordinator
“We have the greatest cultural diversity, but we’re all on the same page.”
Rabiul, Sr. Clinical Studies Coordinator – MD, MPH
Nicole, Clinical Studies Coordinator
“The research at MD Anderson is cutting edge because we specialize.”
Nicole, Clinical Studies Coordinator – BS

Unique Experience

We focus on four areas: Basic Science, Translational, Clinical & Prevention and Personalized Risk Assessment. As part of our team, you will be exposed to innovative trials, medicine and cures that are not found anywhere else. For example, some employees participate in creating and validating novel genomic assays used directly to treat patients.


Discoveries are fueled by vast research support and resources. We have over 30 core laboratories supporting the institution, including specialized areas with specific expertise and sophisticated equipment.

Rapid Results

At MD Anderson, critical scientific knowledge gained in the laboratory is rapidly translated into critical care. Tomorrow’s medicine is available to our patients first, since we have the most cancer clinical trials in the world – more than 1,110 at last count. Our partnerships with Pharma offer an exciting opportunity to participate in the activation of innovative trials.

Learning Environment

You do not necessarily need oncology experience to work at MD Anderson. We welcome individuals from all backgrounds who have the willingness to learn more about oncology. We promote collaboration and multidisciplinary approaches to encourage open dialogues across our enterprise and promote the exchange of ideas.

Growth Potential

There is much opportunity for growth and development at MD Anderson. Assistants and scientists often advance to senior and manager level roles. In some areas of specialization, development paths are available. For example, in our Clinical Genomics Lab we have a path leading to a Sr. Technologist, Supervisor, Coordinator and Manager.