Recent Job Openings

Manager Clinical Effectiveness - Houston, TX
Description: Salary Minimum 95000.000 Salary Midpoint 117500.000 Salary Maximum 139000.000 The ideal candidate will be a licensed Pharm.D., Physician Assistant or Advanced Practice Registered Nurse with a minimum of 5 years current/recent clinical experience to include 2 years in a supervisory capacity. Oncology background preferred. The p r im a r y f u n c tion of the C lini ca l M a n...
Reference Code: 7137BR
Senior Legal Officer Billing & Reimbursement Compliance - Houston, TX
Description: Salary Minimum 0.000 Salary Midpoint 0.000 Salary Maximum 0.000 The Senior Legal Officer (SLO), Billing and Reimbursement Compliance, Institutional Compliance Office is part of the Institutional Compliance Office. The SLO will supervise a staff of 14 consisting of billing and reimbursement compliance managers, project managers, analysts, and compliance assistants while providing the strategic vision for billing and reimbu...
Reference Code: 7134BR
Supv Research Nurse Sarcoma Medical Oncology - Houston, TX
Description: Salary Minimum 77,200 Salary Midpoint 96,500 Salary Maximum 115,800 Function: To provide supervision and coordination of research and protocol related clinical aspects of investigational trials in collaboration with the multidisciplinary team and external sponsors in order to achieve quality clinical trial outcomes. Supervises research nurses and other research personnel as required for the Department of Medical Sarcoma. ...
Reference Code: 7108BR


For nearly 70 years, MD Anderson has provided an unparalleled level of cancer care at our main campus in the Texas Medical Center. Now, we’ve extended our experience and services into your neighborhood.

MD Anderson provides medical oncology, radiation oncology and surgical oncology services along with a range of supportive programs at regional care centers in the greater Houston area.

The medical oncologists, radiation oncologists and surgical oncologists at each Regional Care Center location are MD Anderson faculty members. On-site nurses and other laboratory and pharmacy technicians support the MD Anderson physicians at each center, so that each patient receives the best combination of MD Anderson’s wide range of cancer expertise and local care.

Those who choose a Regional Care Center location for their treatment become patients of MD Anderson, while remaining under the care of their personal physicians or referring specialists. Our physicians and staff work directly with patients’ personal physicians to tailor individual treatment plans, keeping them informed throughout the treatment experience.

Most patients will receive diagnostic tests and treatments at their chosen facility. However, if one of our physicians determines that they’d benefit from multidisciplinary care, advanced treatments or investigational therapies, patients can receive treatment or participate in clinical trials at our main campus.

In addition to care centers serving the greater Houston area, MD Anderson also offers single discipline oncology programs at facilities outside of Texas and the United States: